HealthMapper 4.2.010

Mapping and information management application for public health
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HealthMapper 4.3.2 is a powerful application developed by World Health Organization (WHO) oriented to public health administrators at national or district level and aimed to become the standard for mapping and managing health information. The interface can be used in several languages. It works using a map of the selected country or global region which is built using layers. These layers contain specific information about population, roads, safe water sources, schools, health infrastructure, and many more. The advantage of using layers is that they can be tuned on and off anytime. The program is organized through projects, that can hold one or more maps, each one containing different information and scenarios.
Besides the graphical information, HealthMapper includes the DataManager. This module is a database holding the information used to create the graphical representations, and some other general data about countries in many categories such as: economy, demography, nutrition, services, integrated disease surveillance, and many other. The DataManager also allows to access the screen and printer reports that HealthMapper can produce.

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